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Every day should be an adventure, so pack your bags and get ready for a new journey with the champ of casino bonuses. Bonus Champ is dedicated to shining light on the best mobile and desktop casino bonuses available. The champ specializes in casino game reviews and video slot information. Casino bonuses are similar everywhere you play, but video slots and game providers vary casino to casino. That’s why we promise to be the first to provide you with the latest exclusive casino promotions and game reviews, even before the casinos know what new slots are coming your way.

Every month, there are a few platinum games released by the best providers in the world. The champ makes it possible for you to peep through the key hole before anyone else. See how good these video slots really are, and the champ will direct you to the casinos who have the best games available, with the best offers!

Jackpots! Beautiful mega jackpots! Who would the Bonus Champ be, if unable to tell you when the jackpots are about to fall out. Local jackpots and progressive jackpots work in different ways, however they are equally as magnificent! Bonus Champ loves local jackpots for the regular jackpot wins and special prize packages; who can say no to a weekend holiday on the house from time to time! However the progressive jackpots are where the big wins come from, but only if you play them correctly at the correct time. Well, luckily for you, that’s the champs specialty. So visit our jackpot reviews to find out how to maximize your chances of winning!

Explore new casino experiences on your adventure of thrills, spills and dollar bills. Bonus Champ welcomes you to the champions world of casino bonuses!