What, you’re still unable to pick a casino?! You have the bonus champ’s casino reviews, his rankings and full information on the best welcome bonuses on the market, yet you are unable to make a decision. Well maybe this is what you want, a full list of the monthly promotions each casino is running!

Monthly casino promotions add massive value to a bonus champ. Why? Simple, they offer big prizes for winning competitions you were already going to take part in. Oh and you can become crazy stupid filthy rich!
These promotions come under two categories.

  1. Exclusive promotions – This is when the specific casino has created the promotion and is funding the bonuses/prizes/money themselves.
  2. Network promotions – This is when the game provider runs a promotion, and all the casinos who have their games can take part.All these bonuses/prizes/money are funded by the game provider (NetEnt, Play’n Go etc.).

It’s becoming more and more common for casinos to run additional promotions in addition to their regular marketing bonuses and offers, so you need to make sure you are playing at a casino which is running these promotions. The prizes are often once in a life time prizes, and life shattering volumes of cash wins. So be a boss like the bonus champ and signup with one of these casinos!