Mega Joker Jackpot review

Game Type: Video Slot/ Jackpot Game
Return to Player: 99%
Expected jackpot fallout value: Mega: € 17,000
Game provider: NetEnt

Mega Joker is a 2×3-reel, 5-line, multiple coin slot featuring basic game, supermeter mode and progressive jackpot. The supermeter mode, played in the upper reels, can be played at one of the 4 bet levels on all 5 bet lines. Mystery wins are paid for jokers at bet of 100 and 200. Players can collect supermeter credits and transfer to the basic mode at any stage. Players have the chance to win the randomly awarded progressive jackpot during basic mode.

Game Theme & Graphics

  • Basic and Supermeter modes: The basic game is played on the reels at the bottom of the machine, while the Supermeter game is played on the reels at the top of the machine. When the game has been idle for 30 seconds, the game starts to light up the game logo and paytable elements to entice players to play.
  • Game panel: The game panel houses the account information and the buttons for the game settings menu, audio, and game rules. In the account information section the display alternates between showing the available cash, current bet and amount won, and player mode (if in Play for Fun mode).
  • Branding: The free space on the wall to the left and right of the machine can be used to place a company logo.

Supermeter Mode Graphics

Mega Joker features a Supermeter mode with higher stakes than the basic game.

  • Supermeter Mode Entry: Players are automatically transferred to the supermeter mode when they play the basic game at max bet and win. The amount won in the basic game is added to the Supermeter credit display at the top of the slot machine.
  • Supermeter Play: While play is at the same coin value as the game round activating the supermeter mode, there are 4 available bets: 20, 40, 100, and 200 coins. All five betlines are activated, irrespective of bet. The game automatically selects the highest possible bet, within the players’ supermeter credits. Players can use the BET button to scroll through the bets available and select the desired one. To start a round players click SPIN. The reels automatically come to rest, or can be stopped by the player clicking the spin button (G4 mode disabled only). Players can click COLLECT, to end Supermeter mode and transfer the winnings to the players cash/coins.
  • Supermeter Mode Payout: Depending on the bet selected, supermeter wins are paid out according to the highlighted paytable to the left or right of the supermeter reels. In addition: At bet 100, a joker in the middle reel gives a mystery win between 100 and 2000 coins. At bet 200, one or more jokers in one or more reels gives a mystery win between 100 and 2000 coins. The game sequentially highlights winning betlines and the LED panel displays the cumulative win amount for the game round. Winnings are added to the Supermeter credit display at the top of the game.


Mega Joker features a randomly drawn progressive jackpot. The current amount of the jackpot is shown in the jackpot LED. The value of the jackpot increases each time the basic game is played. The jackpot is triggered at random, and is added to the player’s betline win. When the jackpot is won, lights behind the logo and paytables begin flashing in unison with celebratory sounds and the LED display shows the jackpot win. On next spin, the jackpot counter is reset to the seed value and the jackpot begins all over again.

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